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My name is Lisa Sotero 

and I am an Independent

Artist and Illustrator based

in Cheshire, CT.












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Email : ownwurld@aol.com


Location: Cheshire, CT


Phone: 203-494-6623



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Lisa Sotero  ownwurld@aol.com  |  Cheshire, CT  |  Tel: 203-494-6623

I'm best known for my work with Stony Creek Beer in Branford, CT. I began working with them in 2014 when they began their "rebranding" and opened the new brewery in Branford.  I worked with Andy Schwartz (Brewmaster at Stony Creek) to bring his vision of the "Stony Styled Heron" to life. 

Each beer has its own unique heron and background image that I create based on either the specific attributes of the beer, season, or feeling associated with the flavor. 

Other work I'm known for:


- Band Art                                       - Custom Pet Portraits


- Tattoo Art


- Guitar Art


- Custom Pet Portraits